11 - Religous Societies - Sketches of the Village of Albion


The First Presbyterian Society of the Village of Albion. The Church connected with this Society was the first of any denomination in Albion, and was organized in the year 1824,

This Society was organized July 20, 1826. Their first house of worship, the same now occupied by the Episcopalians, was erected in 1830.  The whole number of communicants of this Church at its foundation was sixteen. It now numbers about 420.

Rev. Wm. Johnson was Pastor of this Church from 1824 to 1826. Rev. Lucius Cheeseman was installed Pastor, Oct. 3, 1826, and dismissed in Dec. 1829. Rev. Benj. Lane was installed in April 1831, and dismissed in Nov. 1831. Rev. Gilbert Crawford was first settled over this congregation in the year 1832. After several intervals of absence, during which his place was supplied, he finally left about the year 1842, when Rev. Wm. N. M'Harg became their Pastor, and continued to officiate in that capacity until Dec. 1850. Rev. Asahel L. Brooks commenced preaching to this congregation in February 1851. He has since been duly installed and is the present incumbent.

In the year 1845, this Society sold their Meeting House to the Episcopalians, purchased a lot on State Street, and erected another house of worship, of brick, 90 feet long, by 50 wide, with side galleries and orchestra, with a large room in the basement. This house was dedicated in Dec. 1846, and cost $9,160. The organ cost $1000; bell, and other furnishings of the house, cost about $950.

The Officers of this Society are Asa Howard, Geo. H. Sickels, and Henry Sears, Trustees; Arad Thomas, Clerk. The Officers of the Church are Joseph Hart, Harvey Goodrich, H. R. Curtis, Alexis Ward, Sheldon Hopkins, (moved away,) James St. Clair, James A. Potter, Stephen P. Morehouse, Henry Sears, Elders. Harvey Goodrich, Church Clerk.

Amount paid for the year ending June, 1853, for ministerial support and contingent expenses, was $1,201

Amount contributed by the Society and Congregation for various benevolent objects during the last year was $1,500.

The First Baptist Church and Society in the village of Albion. - This Church and Society was legally organized December 22, 1830, with 24 members. The present number of members is 380. This was a branch mainly from the Baptist Church, in Gaines, which has now become extinct.

This congregation worship in a brick edifice standing on the west side of Batavia street, which they erected in the year 1831. This house is 60 feet long by 40 feet wide, with galleries and basement. A Town Clock was purchased by the village, at a cost of $400, in the year 1846, and placed in the tower on this Church.

In the year 1849, some members of this Society purchased a house and lot for a Parsonage, at an expense of about $1500, and conveyed the same to the corporation in trust; the rents to be applied to the support of a Minister for this Society,

The Pastors of this Church and Society have been as follows, viz:

Elder Ara Irons, from April 17, 1830, to May 1, 1833.
" Whitmon Metcalf, " May 1, 1833, to Jan. 1, 1838.
" John E. Maxwell, " Aug. 1, 1838, to May 1, 1839.
" Eleazer Swage, " May 1, 1839, to May 1, 1840.
" Aaron Jackson, " May 1, 1840, to April 20, 1844.
" John Smitzer, " Jan. 1, 184.5, to Dec. 20, 1845.
" John N. Murdock, " Jan. 1, 1846, to Sept. 1, 1848.
" Silas Ilsley, " July 1, 1849, present incumbent.

The Trustees of this Society are, R. S. Burrows, Lewis Warner, Elizur Piatt, Wm. G. Swan, Henry Miller, Barnuel Farr. Church Clerk is Lemuel C. Paine. Samuel Williams, Barnuel Farr, Rufus Reed and Ambrose Wood, are Deacons. Ambrose Wood, Treasurer.

The amount raised the last year by this Society for ministerial and contingent support was about $900. Amount raised for benevolent objects, $818.59.

The First Methodist Episcopal Society in the village of Albion. - This Society was originally organized Dec. 6, 1830. Afterwards, it appearing some informality existed in the certificate of organization, a new certificate of organization was filed in the County Clerk's office, August 24, 1836, to which an amendment was made, and another certificate filed, in the year 1838.

Their Chapel, which is of brick, stands on the corner of State and Market streets, and was built in the year 1831.

The number of communicants in this Church, at its organization, was 10. The present number is about 200.

Their Preachers are stationed with this congregation by the Genesee Conference to which this Church is attached.

The following list comprises all who have been stationed as Ministers to this Church and Society since its organization, viz:

Rev. J. W. Nevens, from Sept. 1831, to Sept. 1832.
" Edmund O'Flyng, " 1832, "1833.
" Pliilo Woodworth, " 1833, " 1835.
" Stephen P. Keyes  " 1835, " 1836.  
" William J. Kent, " 1836,  " 1838.
" Earl B. Fuller,  " 1838,  "1840.
" D. F. Parsons, " 1840, " 1841.
" C. L. Dwis, " 1841, " 1842.  
" Azel N. Fillmore, " 1842,  " 1843.  
" David Nutten, " 1843,  " 1845.
" J. T. Arnold,  " 1845,  " 1846.  
" Horatio N. Seaver,  " 1846,  " 1847.  
" Phiio E. Brown,  " 1847,  " 1849.  
" A. D. Wilbur, " 1849, " 1850.  
" James M. Fuller, " 1850,  " 1851,  
" C. D. Burlingham,  " 1851,  " 1852.  
" Phiio Woodworth,  " 1852,  present incumbent.  

The Trustees of this Society are, Lansing Baily, Samuel Hill, K A. Graves, Tolman Rogers, Luther Northrop, and Clark Hall.

The amount contributed in this Society for ministerial support and other ordinary contingent expenses, for the year ending Sept. 1852, was about $620. Amount contributed for benevolent objects during the same year, was $301.41.

The Rector, Church Wardens, and Vestrymen of Christ's Church, in Albion. - A Society of Episcopalians, was organized in Albion, with the above corporate name, July 30, 1844. In March, 1845, they purchased of the Presbyterian. Society, their house of worship, on the west side of Batavia Street, which they have since repaired, and added a vestry room.

The Ministers of this Church have been as follows:
Rev. Orrin Miller, from 1844, to 1845.
" P. B. Kidder, " 1845, " 1851.
" Malcolm Douglass, " 1851, present incumbent.

The Officers of the Church and Society, are at present, Wardens, Zephaniah Clark, Edwin R. Reynolds. Vestrymen, A. Wall, Wm. J. Hannington, R. W. Lewis, W. G. Gardner, C. N. St. Clair, I. J. Stiles, G. W. Hotchkin, Jacob Chatterton.

The Trustees of St. Joseph's Church, of the Village of Albion. - The first Congregation of Roman Catholic's, filed a Certificate of Incorporation, under the above corporate name, May 25, 1852. Their first Priest resident in Albion, was

Rev. ____ Dillon, who came to Albion, in the year 1850. Rev. R. Harmon, his successor, died in 1852. Rev. Martin O'Conner is the present incumbent.

In the year 1852-3, this congregation erected a Church edifice for their place of worship, of brick, near the north line of the Corporation, on the east side of Batavia Street, at a cost of about $3000.

The present Board of Trustees, is Samuel M'Caffrey, Felix M'Coun, and Thomas Reeves.

Sabbath Schools. - A Sabbath School was established in the Presbyterian Church soon after its organization. As this was the first, and for considerable time the only religious denomination established here, the children of parents belonging to all the different communions were gathered into this school. Afterwards, as the different religious societies were organized, other Sabbath Schools were established in them, and kept up to this time, increasing in numbers as these societies have increased, They have received the cordial support and patronage of the best citizens of the village, and are well attended, and in a flourishing condition.

Temperance Reformation. - Since the organization of the Sons of Temperance, in Albion, but little has been done here by other Temperance associations.

Two divisions of Sons of Temperance existed in Albion, for several years, both of which in the year 1851, in October, were combined in "Albion Division, No. 176," which is now is operation, and numbers about 60 members. Their Hall is in the 3d story of Collins & Co.'s block, corner of Batavia and Canal Streets.

The Daughters of Temperance have an Union here which is prosperous.

SOURCE:  Sketches of village of Albion : containing incidents of its history and progress, from its first settlement, and a statistical account of its trade, schools, societies, manufactures, &c. (1853); Arad Thomas; Albion, N.Y.