02 - Village of Kenmore



PRESIDENT- Roy R. Brockett.
TRUSTEE- Charles J. J. Seaman.
TRUSTEE- Herman C. Jordan.
TRUSTEE- Justin Trabert.
TRUSTEE- Willis H. Hall.
CLERK- Walter Ducker.
RECEIVER OF TAXES- Charles L. Lowell.
ATTORNEYS- Blackmon & Moore.
ENGINEER- Vernon Eager.

Kenmore is a village incorporated under the general village law of the state. Its law-making body is a board of trustees, consisting of a president elected for one year and four trustees elected for two years. Two trustees are chosen each year with the president. The annual election is the third Tuesday in March. The board is empowered to pass ordinances and enforce them, but its general powers are prescribed by the State law. It appoints police officers, superintendent of public works, clerk, attorney, engineer, building and plumbing inspector and other employees. It acts as a board of assessors and as a board of election inspectors.

Under a special act of the Legislature in 1917, the office of receiver of taxes and assessments was created, to take the place of the village treasurer. This officer collects all taxes and gas and water bills, and pays out moneys on warrant of the village board.


Patrolmen on duty at all hours, covering all streets of village on motorcycles. Special officer stationed at school house crossing at Delaware and Knowlton avenues for protection of children. Police force comprises: Clarence E. Yochum, chief; Harry Brounshidle, Thomas DeGuehrey, desk lieutenants; Alfred Bleyle, Edward Schultz, Miner F. Wildey, Frank V. Schultz, Carlyle Johnston, Archibald Kirkwood, patrolmen; constables and special officers appointed by village board.


Paid fire department, with three motor trucks and men on duty at all hours. Volunteer department, members of which respond to alarms. Siren blows and bell in fire hall rings in response to alarms sent in from street boxes. Officers of volunteer department for 1926: Chief, Fred Spear; first assistant chief, Ray Kirsch; second assistant chief, Bruce Miller; Walter Ducker, secretary-treasurer; wardens, Henry Schunk, Charles Weiss, Thomas Costello, Charles Michaels, Roscoe L. Rosser. Fire hall Delaware Avenue between Warren and Euclid.


Two carrier deliveries a day from the Hertel Station, Buffalo. Two collections daily from street boxes. Sub-station for sale of stamps, registering and receiving parcel post matter, 2809 Delaware avenue, Mary D. Connolly, agent.


Village board is the board of health, with a appointed registrar. Roscoe L. Rosser, registrar. Dr. E. R. Linklater, health officer, residence 2770 Delaware avenue.


The public schools are a charge upon the school district. No. 1, which comprises all the village of Kenmore and part of the town of Tonawanda. The school board of five members is elected by the people of the district at the annual meeting. The taxes are levied annually upon the property in the district, based upon the assessed valuations as fixed by the town board of assessors. The board chooses its secretary and treasurer and it has full powers in the conduct of the schools, under supervision of the State Department of Education. The budget is submitted to the people at the annual meeting. Bond issues must be approved by the people.

The school board of District No. 1 comprises: Frank C. Greutker, president; Willis E. Elliott, Mrs. E. R. Linklater, William W. Whitelock and Frederick Whelpley. Kenneth O. Irvin is secretary-treasurer. Frank C. Densberger is superintendent of schools, Roy G. Freeman principal of the high school and C. M. Gould principal of Washington grammar school, Mrs. Tillie W. Hausauer, Lincoln Elementary School.

By order of the State commissioner of education, issued in November, 1925, school districts Nos. 1, 3 and 4 were consolidated, effective August 1, 1926.

Washington Elem. School
Teachers 30 Pupils 927
Lincoln Elem. School
Teachers 10 Pupils 251
Ellwood Elem, School
Teachers 1 Pupils 27
Junior-Senior High School
Teachers 35 Pupils 582
Total 1787

SOURCE:  History of Kenmore Erie County, New York; 1926; Frederick S. Parkhurst, Ph.D. Local Historian