Beals, Col. Pascal Pratt - Erie County

COL. PASCAL PRATT BEALS. Among men conspicuously connected with the business life of Buffalo, one of the foremost is Col. Pascal P. Beals, who as head of the leading hardware, iron and steel house of Beals & Company holds a place of distinctive prominence in the commercial affairs of Western New York. He is a man of liberal instincts, progressive ideas, and is actively interested in social, educational and benevolent institutions.

Pascal Pratt Beals is a son of the late Edward P. Beals and was born in Buffalo July 31st, 1850. After preparing for college in the Buffalo Classical School, he entered Yale University in 1868 and was graduated with honors in 1872.

Shortly after his graduation, Mr. Beals engaged in business, becoming connected with the firm of Pratt & Company, in Buffalo. He remained with the firm until its dissolution in 1886. When the house of Pratt & Co. was succeeded by Beals & Co., of which Edward P. Beals was the head, Pascal P. Beals became a partner in the new firm, and from 1893 to the present time has been a leading factor in it, after the death of his father becoming the senior partner. The duration of the business has given it the prestige which peculiarly attaches to mercantile houses of long standing, and the management, throughout all its changes of personnel, has never swerved from the principles of high commercial honor and the practical illustration of progressiveness.

Col. Beals joined the National Guard of the State of New York in 1879 and served till 1892. In this connection his record is one of meritorious services which received recognition by successive promotions. Commissioned Captain and Aide, Eighth Division, he was later made Major both in the Eighth and Fourteenth Brigades. This was followed by promotion to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel of the Fourth Division and Colonel in Staff, Department of the Commander-in-Chief. With the latter rank, Col. Beals was retired at his own request in 1892.

Col. Beals is a life member and Director of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences, a member of the Fine Arts Academy, holds a life membership in the Young Men's Association, now the Buffalo Library, of which he was also a Director, and was a Director of the Young Men's Christian Association. He was for many years a member of the City, Saturn and Ellicott Clubs, of Buffalo, and is a member of the United Service Club, of New York City.

SOURCE: Memorial and Family History of Erie County New York; Volume I