New York Marriages, 1788

American Marriages for 1788

Compiled from Newspapers of 1788-9.

New York- 1788.

John Donan to Miss Betsey Dudley.
Thomas Bigger to Miss Betsey Sidell.
John Wood to Miss Betsey Sinnnons.
Charles Wilkes to Miss Shaw.
Abraham Franklin to Miss Ann Townsend of Long Island.
Edward Livingston, Esq., to Miss Mary Mlvers.
Thos. Montania to Miss Nancy Edmunds.
Abraham Brevoort to Miss Nancy Divore,
Hon. Mr. Few to Miss Nicholson.
John Reid to Miss Barbara MGregor.
Poughkeepsie - Mendret Van Kleek to Miss Cornelia Livingston.
New York - John Battin to Miss Margaret A. Frauncis.
New York - James Saidler to Miss Jennie GrsJiam.
New York - John Stoutenburg to Miss Maria Ham.
New York - Peter Shackerly to Miss Mary MDowl.
New York - James Bleecher to Miss Bache, daughter of Theophylact Bache.
New York - Jacob Hochstrasser of Albany to Miss Judith Howe.

SOURCE: Vol, 4, No 5, May 1914 Genealogy: a journal of American ancestry