Francis (Frank) and Helen C. Cole Walters c1960's

Charles B. Cole
3  Their third child was Charles B. Cole who was born on December 17, 1905.  He went through school, and attained the rank of Sergeant in the Army during WW II.  He received wounds during the war, that likely shortened his life. He worked as a mechanic and delivery truck driver for Harden Furniture for a number of years.  He passed away on January 1, 1957.  Charles never married.
Charles B. Cole

 4  Their fourth child was Ida Alene Cole who was born on February 5, 1908.  Ida graduated from Camden High School, and then attended Oswego State Teacher’s College.  She taught school in Red Creek, Lancaster, and Camden.  She married Clifford Waite of Barnes Corner, but he contracted spinal meningitis at the Army induction center in New Jersey and died there.

Ida later married Walter Simmons on August 10, 1954 at Lancaster, New York.  He was born in Oswego, New York on October 6, 1895.  Walter was the son of Walter and Elizabeth Simmons.  He was an educator also.  He died in Camden on February 4, 1977.  Ida passed away on May 18, 1977 in Camden.  They didn’t have any children.

Group Photo of Cole children
Group Photo of Cole children
Rt. to Lft. Back is Glen H. COLE, Helen C. COLE, Charles B. COLE, Ida A. COLE,  Front Rt. to Lft. Harland E. COLE, Alma Irene COLE, my Dad Albert Leroy COLE, Mae COLE and not born yet was youngest Kenneth L. COLE, born  1921

Harland Edward Cole
5 Their fifth child was Harland Edward Cole, who was born on October 30, 1910.  He graduated from Camden High School.  During WW II he earned the rank of Technical Sergeant in the motor pool of the 60th Station Field Hospital, serving in the African and European theaters.

 Harland married Albertina Sarah Meyer on September 12, 1945.  She was the eldest daughter of  Frederick F. and Bessie Margaret Tomlinson Meyer, being born on August 8, 1910 at Oneida.  She graduated from William Smith College, and then took up a 34 year teaching career at the Camden School System.  Harland was a widely known car salesman and mechanic around the area, and worked for many years at Christ Motors in Camden.  Harland suffered a massive heart attack at work, and died on November 4, 1976. 

They had a son named John Harrison Cole who, following high school and college, entered into an Army career.  He served 24 years in the infantry and Special Forces, and retired with the rank of Lt. Colonel.  He and his wife Pam, had two daughters Constance and Tamara, who have married and provided a grandson and granddaughter at last count.

Alma Irene Cole


6 Edward and Alice’s sixth child, was Alma Irene Cole, who was born on March 7, 1913.  She graduated from Camden High School, and took employment at Personal Stationery Co.  Her real ambition was to open a flower nursery in Camden, but her life was cut short by cancer.  She died in Camden, on November 26, 1941 at the age of 28 years.  She had not married.  Photo taken Mid 1930's.

Alma Irene Cole


this is my Dad, Albert Leroy Cole, son of Edward Alden Cole. Photo was taken in the late 1930's

7 Their seventh child was Albert Leroy Cole, (my Father) born on June 2, 1915   After graduation from Camden High School, he went to work at Camden Wire Co.  He loved to hunt in the Adirondack Mts., and boating.  He spoke often of Panther Lake, and Lake Oneida. He ran the Harden Family’s cabin cruiser boat in the summers for them.  On one occasion he saved one of the Harden boys from drowning when they fell off the boat into the lake.


Albert Leroy Cole and Laura Marie Poile on their Weddind Day Feb. 1939


He courted and married Laura Marie Poile of Stanwix Heights.  They married at Boonville on February 24, 1939.  She was one of the eldest daughters of Irwin George and Mary Louise Cronk Poile, and was born on June 26, 1913. 

This is my Mom and Dad on their wedding day Feb.1939.  Married in Booneville, lived in Camden where Dad worked at Camden Wire and Cable.  Dad was born in 1915 in McConnellsville-died 1969 in Mt. Dora, Lake Co., Fla.  Mom was Laura Marie Poile, born on the farm at Stanwix Hgts. in 1913.  She is still alive and doing remarkably well. 

Laura POILE COLE and Mae COLE- This is my mother, Laura POILE COLE and my Dad's youngest sister, Mae COLE
circa 1940


The Cleveland COLES 
and Their Shipyard on Oneida Lake

This family history has been in the works for quite some time, and David has done a remarkable job.  The information & photographs shared by David Cole & his family are wonderful and much appreciated.  There are lots of family names listed with roots in both Oswego & Oneida County.  It may take a few minutes to load, but well worth the wait.  10/2008 Updated the DWYER Surname.

I am working on an article for your "Family Sketches".   It includes several families in Cleveland, some in evidence today.  I was born in Rome, but lived in Camden. My line of COLE's were pretty much in the Camden area by then.  Had several that worked for Harden Furniture Co. in McConnellsville.  My Dad's folks were living there, and he and his brothers and sisters were all born there.  I started accumulating family photos as I could over the past few years, and was quite amazed to see the COLE family resemblance that passed along.  My Mom's name is Laura also! Her line included PRATT, CRONK, HUTCHINSON, WILKENSON, and POILE, all from around Oneida Co.  I am descended and related to half of N.Y. State I think. 
David Cole at:  <>


Thomas Gooding Cole and wife Sarah Ann Audas Cole
Thomas Gooding Cole and wife Sarah Ann Audas Cole
He was born Foxhall, Suffolk, Eng. in 1820, and was the patriarchal 
head of the COLEs in Cleveland.

Thomas Gooding Cole was born on October 9, 1820 at Foxhall located near Ipswich, Suffolk County, England.  Foxhall was a less than glamorous manorial estate where his folks owned land, among neighbors which owned or who rented land.  Foxhall is still on today’s maps, but has been largely absorbed by the city of Ipswich.  His parents were Thomas & Jane Rebecca Gooding Cole.  Following the birth of their son, they had a daughter named Catharine, who was also born at Foxhall on Oct. 26, 1822.


This photo is of the church in Playford, Suffolk, Eng. where Thomas COLE and Rebecca Jane GOODING got married on Sept. 7, 1820.  Couldn't get married in Ipswich because Church of England only one that could perform marriages until 1837 as I recall.
Church in Playford, Suffolk, Eng.

They decided to immigrate to the United States, and in 1823 they set out from home and traveled up to Liverpool, West Yorkshire.  They boarded a ship named the “John Wells” bound for the New Land.  Not long after their arrival on Staten Island, Catharine died on Aug. 9, 1823.  Her mother Jane,  followed her in death on Sept. 7, 1823.  One plausible explanation is that in the years of 1820-1824 a “fever epidemic” which started in Pennsylvania spread up through the New England States including New York.  In any event, we have been unable to locate their burial sites through public records

The Cole family became close friends with the Reverend Samuel Thompson, a countryman who also made the voyage.  We are not sure of all that transpired next, but Thomas Cole apparently asked Reverend Thompson to take his young son Thomas, with him and make a home for him.   Apparently Thomas Cole remained in the vicinity of New York City, and is said to have engaged in a brewery business.  I have no other details of Thomas Cole after that, except he accompanied Rev. Thompson to Liverpool, Onondaga Co., where a new church was to be established.  Thomas Cole reportedly died in Liverpool, Onondaga Co., NY on Oct. 25, 1833.  We haven’t been able to establish his gravesite there, as there is no record of it.

Reverend Thompson came to Cleveland with young Thomas G. Cole, and married a woman named, Sophia Anna Peabody, who had been born there on June 22, 1811.   Sophia bore him at least one daughter who was born in 1826, and named Sarah Ann Thompson.  They’re first listed in the 1830 U.S. Census.  The 1850 U.S. Census shows her as age 24.  My 2nd cousin once removed, the late Mrs. Ester Cottet of Cleveland, recounted all of Sophia Anna Peabody’s married surnames, but alas, too many to call to mind.  She obviously had several husbands, and it seems outlived them.  The Rev. Thompson died on January 19, 1871 in Cleveland, and was buried in the Cleveland Cemetery.  Sophia died on Feb. 23, 1897 and is also buried in the Cleveland Cemetery.

When Thomas Gooding Cole came of age, he began courting Sarah Ann Audas of Elpis, NY.  She was born on June 9, 1822 in Fishlake, West Yorkshire, England, the daughter of Peter and Mary Hailstone Audas.  There are some Hailstones as well as Audases, buried in the Mapleflats Cemetery, at the town of Vienna.  There were some Audases that lived in Cleveland at 3 West St. according to the 1899 Cleveland Town Directory.  There were also the Sixberrys, Cottets, Morses, and Dwyers who are other of my Cleveland family lines listed in the Directory.

Thomas Cole and Sarah Ann Audas were married at her family’s home in Elpis, NY on Dec. 22, 1841.  They made their home in Cleveland at 1 Lake Street, which was a clapboard house that passed down through the family for over a hundred years or more.  Although it was still standing there on the lakefront when I was there in 1995, I understand the nearly two hundred year old homestead was demolished about a year ago to make room for another of those modern conveniences called a grocery/gas store!

Thomas and Sarah began making a life together.  It included a sawmill and some farmland locally.  When they started their family they had several children, of which the first was Charles Josiah Cole born Nov. 5, 1842.  He apparently received his middle name in remembrance of one of his deceased Grandmother Rebecca Jane Gooding Cole’s brothers back in Suffolk Co., England.

They then had a son named David, who was born June 25, 1845, but died Dec. 22, 1845.  I am not sure what malady took him so young, but perhaps there is some record.

Next was a daughter named Ellen M. Cole, born April 19, 1847.  In later years she moved to Tonawanda, Erie Co., NY, and married a man by the name of Charles B. NellisCharles was a boat carpenter by trade. They had one daughter who married a man named Rumbold for whom she bore a son.  He was named Charles H. Rumbold and born in 1893. Charles Nellis died there in 1905, and Ellen died in Tonawanda in 1925.  They are buried over there leaving descendants not known to the other COLE branches.

Anna Sophia Cole MORSE & youngest brother John B. COLE (Jack)

Anna Sophia Cole was born on Oct. 7, 1849.  She married Albert C. Morse Jr. who was born in June of 1842 in Constantia.  His family farmed in the area.  Albert and Anna operated a boarding house that handled the overflow from the Cleveland Hotel, which was next door, and also farmed.  They had a son named Harold Alanson Morse born in 1873, and a daughter named Lillian Amelia Morse born on Oct. 31, 1876.
Anna Sophia Cole MORSE & youngest brother John B. COLE (Jack)

Anna COLE MORSE and 
Albert C. MORSE Jr. her husband.
Anna COLE MORSE and Albert C. MORSE Jr.

The James and Catharine Dwyer had emigrated from Athlone, County Roscommon, Ireland, where James was born in 1814.  James died on June 4, 1888.  His wife, Catharine was born in County Leitrum, Ireland in 1825.  She died June 4,1898.  James Dwyer’s eldest son, John worked in one of the local glass factories in 1860’s. The other Dwyer children were Bridget, Catharine, Sylvester, Margaret, James, William, Thomas, and Matthew being the youngest. 

Lillian Morse married Matthew B. Dwyer 1859.  Matthew and Lillian operated a drugstore there in Cleveland.  The 1899 Cleveland Directory showed it to be located at 15 Business Street.  It was also referred to later as being in the LeVancher Store building.  I am not sure whether these locations were the same place or not, but Cousin Ester, said it was where the Post Office is now.  Matthew died young and she followed him in death on Sept. 13, 1931, at age 55.  

I guess 55, was not all that unusual in those days of shorter life expectancy.

The Sixberry FamilyAlbert and Anna Cole Morse’s son Harry married Emma Sixberry, who was the daughter of Moses L. and Louisa Esther Senecal SixburyEmma was born in 1877. Harold and Emma Morse had a son named Harold Alanson Morse Jr. born 1898.  He married a woman named Grace Laraway.  Harold died in 1963, and she in 1997.  Harold and Emma had a daughter named Ester Morse born in 1906, and also a little girl that died shortly after birth.  Esther said she was allowed to name the baby, whom she did, naming her Meryl.  She was buried in the Cole family section in the Cleveland Cemetery under a stone that says “Baby”.
There were also other Sixberry relatives that operated the grocery and feed store at 11 North St. in Cleveland.     The Sixberry Family


                                                  THE SENECAL FAMILY

                 Ester Morse Cottet
Ester Morse Cottet

Ester Morse married Laurence D. Cottet, whom she said, was from Cicero, New York.  He was born in 1904.  They lived in Cleveland at 1 Lake Street.  This was the same house Thomas and Sarah Audis Cole had built, and after it was later lived in by the Dwyers'.  They had a son when Ester was in her 50’s.  She said they thought they weren’t going to have any children after so many years, but then along came their son.  As a warm smile crept across her face, Ester said that Jack was a real joy, and took good care of her. 

Jack Cottet and wife Andrea


 Jack Cottet is known by residents as the Chief, of the Cleveland Volunteer Fire Dept.  He lives in Cleveland with his wife Andrea.  For those who knew the late Ester Morse Cottet, she was a kind and loving soul that will be missed by a great many.  She was the village historian for forty years or more.  She also oversaw the coming of the telephone to Cleveland.  She was in charge of the local telephone system, which she says was comprised of one hundred telephones and a switchboard.  She says she later trained operators to “man” the system. 


Jack Cottet with his wife Andrea


Now back to the children born to Thomas and Sarah Audas Cole.

They next had a son named Thomas Gooding Cole Jr., who was born in Cleveland on March 22, 1853.  We will revisit he and his older brother, Charles, later in more detail.

The youngest was a son called John B. Cole, who was born in Cleveland on July 24, 1855.  His existence was only hinted at in earlier family genealogy records.  When we inquired of Ester concerning her knowledge of him, she made him become a real personality.  She said they used to call him Jack, and that he wore a derby, before he moved to Chelsea, Michigan to live.  A warm smile came across her face while she reminisced, and said “Jack was a real dandy”.

John B. Cole's wife Martha Wright Cole , with dau, Mary Blanche and Ethel, abt. 1885

In his younger life, John worked on the Erie Canal, towing canal boats from Albany to Buffalo.  This was done by walking along a footpath adjacent to the Canal, behind a team of mules that were used to pull the canal boat on its long journey.  He later worked in the hardware business in Cleveland before moving to Michigan.  When he married Martha Louise Wright there on November 10, 1877 he was working for his father-in-law.  In time he became a partner in the business.

 John and Martha Cole had two daughters; Mary Blanche was born in Eaton Rapids, Mich., on September 8, 1878.  The younger daughter was Ethel, who was born on February 16, 1880.

John B. Cole's wife Martha Wright Cole , with dau, Mary Blanche and Ethel, abt. 1885


John B. Cole, his wife Martha Wright Cole, daughter Blanche behind her with her daughter Maurine. The baby is JOHN V. COPREN, Jr., born in 1932,   John B. COLE's great-grandson. This photo was probably taken about 1933. John B. Cole, his wife Martha Wright Cole


John B. COLE Clan

John B. COLE Clan
John B. COLE Clan
In Michigan in Nov. 1937 for 60th anniversary of John and Martha  WRIGHT COLE.
Far left is: 
Orion J. WALWORTH, Blanche COLE PALMER, Mrs. Minnie WRIGHT WALWORTH,  Mrs. Martha Wright COLE, John B. COLE, William Augustus BEGOLE,  and wife  Ethel COLE BEGOLE.


Mary Blanche Cole, husb. Henry Wood, and dau. Maurine
Mary Blanche Cole married Henry Wood in July of 1897, and they had a daughter they named Maurine Wood who was born in June of 1898.  Maurine grew up and married John Vincent Copren of San Francisco, Cal. John Copren was an attorney, and presented several cases before the U.S. Supreme Court in his legal career.  Mary Blanche and John Copren had a son and named him John V. Copren Jr.  He worked in the banking field in California.  Sad to say he is the sole living descendant of John B. Cole of Cleveland, and being in his 60’s and single will likely be the last of that line.

Mary Blanche Cole, husb. Henry Wood, and dau. Maurine
*Note: This is John B. Cole's daughter Blanche with her first husband, Henry Wood.  She is holding their daughter, Maurine Wood.  They married in Chelsea, Mich. in July 1897. Maurine was born in June 1898 in Chelsea.

Maurine Wood 1920's
Maurine Wood (Copren), Blanche Cole Wood's daughter grown.  This photo is 1920ish. John V. COPREN Sr. holding John V. COPREN Jr. taken in January 1934 in San Francisco.  Jr. was John B. COLE's grt. grandson.  He is the sole surviving descendant of John B. COLE.

John Vincent COPREN Jr. John Vincent COPREN Jr. This one is of my 3rd cousin John Vincent COPREN Jr.  This is the son of John V. and Maurine WOOD COPREN in California.  Maurine was the daughter of Blanche COLE, one of John B. COLE's two daughters.  John COPREN is in his early 60's now, and I got most of the John B. COLE photos from him. David

Mary Blanche Cole Copren’s sister Ethel married William Augustus Begole of Chelsea, Michigan on July 23, 1904.  William was born in 1883, and when grown advanced to be president of a bank in Chelsea.  He died in Chelsea in 1943 or 44, and Ethel followed him in death on July 27, 1944.  They died childless.

At this point, I would like to return to an earlier time in Cleveland to tell of the early lives of Charles Josiah Cole, and his younger brother Thomas Gooding Cole Jr., who was my Great Grandfather.

Around 1854 Thomas Gooding Cole began to divert sawn lumber from his sawmill into a new enterprise.  He developed a small shipyard on the lakeshore, and engaged in the construction of canal boats for the Erie and Barge Canal freight and passenger trade.  Charles was the most help to Thomas, in that he was the eldest, and so was apparently schooled in the trade of a shipwright.  We don’t know to what extent other family members were utilized in the business, but Thomas Jr. for one has a gift for working with wood.

I have been told that the Village has among its holdings, a large picture of one of the canal boats that the Coles built there in Cleveland. 

I include a couple of local articles speaking of their ship building endeavor of the time.

Lake historian, Fred Griesmyer, made the following observation in print.  “In 1854, a man by the name of T. G. Cole started boat building.  In twenty-two years he built one hundred and eighty one canal boats.  The first sold for $1,600.00 and gradually the price increased up to $4,000.00.  Nine million feet of lumber, at an average price of $20.00  per 1,000 board feet was used.  The total costs of all these boats in wages, materials, etc., amounted to $365,561.00.  Many people benefited by this enterprise.”

The Oneida County Directory for 1869 contained the following account:

Mr. T. G. Cole carries on boat building quite extensively on the lake shore about two and a half miles west of West Vienna.” (now Jewell)  The article continued, “He employs about thirty hands.”

This was a considerable number of workers in one trade for a rural area, and Ester said she could vaguely remember seeing the remains of the shipyard on the lakefront when she was a little girl.  There were also many other businesses in evidence in Cleveland, including several glass factories, stores, at least one tannery, etc.

Around the early 1860’s Thomas Gooding Cole, Ellen, and his son Charles Josiah Cole moved to Tonawanda, Erie County, New York.  Perhaps for further financial endeavors in a new location.  The Erie Canal passed through the middle of the town, and so there would have been further boat building and lumbering opportunities there.

Back in Cleveland, on April 10, 1877 Anna Cole Morse’s husband Albert Morse Jr., was elected to the post of  trustee in the Village of Cleveland.

Thomas Gooding Cole and wife Sarah Ann Audas Cole lived at 287 Broad St. until their deaths.  Thomas died there on Jan. 1, 1884 of Bright’s Disease and Sarah on Mar. 8, 1910.  They were both returned to Cleveland for burial in the Cole family section of the Cleveland Cemetery.  I am still researching his activities in Tonawanda.


Charles Josiah Cole married a young woman in Tonawanda named Jeanette, whose parents were Scottish immigrants.  They married on Sept. 7, 1865, and Charles continued to work in the boat building trade there.  They lived at 210 N. Young Street. Charles and Jeanette had two sons, Earl L. Cole born in 1867, and Ernest C. Cole born in 1888.  They also had a daughter named Nettie B. Cole

Charles was working on a scaffold surrounding a boat at Richardson Motor Boat Company in Tonawanda where he fell in November of 1918.  He never recovered from his injuries, and died on Feb. 16, 1919.

Earl married Emma E. Dell and followed the trade of being a machinist.  He and Emma had at least thirteen children that we know about.  Earl died of a heart attack on November 24, 1919.  Emma died on July 6, 1924.  There are still some Charles’ descendants in the area today.


Ernest married and had three children.  His wife’s name was Emma I.  He was a carpenter, and also eventually a Master Mariner.  He operated boats owned by White, Gratwick, and Mitchell Co., and leased by the North Tonawanda Lumber Co. He moved logs from the Great Lakes lumber camps down to Tonawanda during the months the waterways weren’t frozen over.  He worked as a house carpenter in Tonawanda during the winter.

Ernest and Emma had a named daughter, named Retta who was born in August of 1909, and a son named Jack, who was born in 1913.  I don’t have any information yet on these two children. Ernest was carpentering in the summer of 1925.  They were building a basement for a new house on Clinton St., when the basement collapsed on him.  He died at the DeGraff Memorial Hospital on Oct. 10, 1925.

Charles’ daughter Nettie married a man named John E. Hoffman, whose parents were immigrants from Germany.  They had a son named Chester E. Hoffman, who was born in November of 1894, and a second son named Carlton J. Hoffman who was born in 1903.  There are Hoffmans still living around the area, but we have not identified these relatives yet.

This leaves only my Grt. Grandfather Thomas Gooding Cole Jr.’s families line to discuss.

He was married first to Tina Cooper of North Bay Sept. 15, 1872.  Her parents were Alden and Charlotte Myers Cooper of North Bay, Oneida County, NY She was born to them in North Bay on Feb. 29, 1856.  She bore Thomas my Grandfather Edward Alden Cole born Sept. 22, 1877 in North Bay.  Tina died on May 14, 1882 in North Bay.  I am not sure of the details of her death, but according to one reference in family genealogy notes, she must have bore a second son named Homer.  It is possible that Tina died giving birth to him, and he apparently died shortly after birth.  We have not been able to find anyone who knows what the details surround their deaths are.  It is possible Homer was buried with his mother in her grave.  This was apparently a custom in England, and may have been practiced in this case.

COLE ancestors taken around 1920.

This photo is some of my COLE ancestors taken around 1920.  The old gentleman was Thomas GOODING COLE Jr. (Grt. Grandfather), directly behind him is Edward Alden COLE, my Grandfather, who was the only surviving child of Thomas by his first wife Tina COOPER COLE of North Bay.  The man to his left was Homer FORWARD COLE.  He was Thomas' son by his second marriage to Ida Alice FORWARD COLE.  The man on the far left was Joseph Franklin PUTNAM b. in Terre Haute, Ind., who married Thomas' eldest daughter Nellie May COLE by Ida F. COLE.  Gr. Aunt Nellie is the one who started all of the genealogies that I have had passed down to me from the different family lines.  She passed away in 1974 in California.  Joseph taught math at Berkeley University.

The F. S. Harden Furniture Co. of McConnellsville, Oneida Co, employed Thomas Gooding Cole Jr. at some point.  He worked there for over forty years as a woodworker and carpenter.  He had the distinction of rising through the ranks to being the first superintendent of the chair factory.  I have seen some of the furniture he had handcrafted for his family.  Some still exists today.  I have also talked to one of his grandsons by his second marriage.  They and their families live in Western New York State.  One of them has Thomas Gooding Cole’s wooden tool chests with his Grandfather’s name carved in the lid.  What a prize!

Thomas’ son Edward Alden Cole, followed him in the furniture trade. 

This is my grandfather Edward Alden Cole born Sept.22, 1877 in North Bay,NY

Edward married Alice Brown who was born March 25, 1881, the daughter of William E. and Julia Morse Brown of North Bay.  Edward and Alice were married at Taberg on May 30, 1899. Edward, as his Father, was a superintendent at Harden’s chair factory, and was employed there for some thirty years.


Edward and Alice had a large family, and all but the youngest were born at McConnellsville. 


Glen H. Cole

1 Their eldest son was named Glen H. Cole.  He was born on August 29, 1900.  He went through school, and endeavored to follow in his Father’s profession.  He fell into failing health, due to tuberculosis, and died in 1921.

Glen H. Cole


Francis (Frank) and Helen C. Cole Walters c1960's


2 Their second child was Helen C. Cole who was born on December 10, 1902.  Following school, she married Francis (Frank) Walters from Rome, there on December 7, 1929.  Frank owned and operated Walter’s Chevrolet and the Oldsmobile dealership in Camden for many years until his death November 23, 1971.   Frank is reported to have taken a farmer’s team of horses in trade on the purchase of a Chevrolet truck when he first got started in the auto business.   Do you think that is an example of how the term “horse trader” got started?  They never had any children. Helen died at the hospital in Rome on October 6, 1974. 

Ida, Helen, and Mae Cole, dau's of Edward & Alice Brown Cole

left to right:  Mrs. Ida COLE WAITE SIMMONS, wife of Walter SIMMONS, 
Mrs. Helen COLE WALTERS, wife of Francis (Frank) WALTERS, 
Mrs. Mae COLE WINKER, wife of John WINKER, and daughter Patricia WINKER.

Ida, Helen, and Mae were three of my Dad's sisters, 
and children of Edward Alden and Alice BROWN COLE.

John and Mae COLE Winker  

John and Mae COLE Winker, youngest daughter of 
Edward and Alice BROWN COLE.


The Poile Family
This is the Erwin G. POILE family circa 1920.
My Mom, named Laura Marie POILE, is sitting with the bow in her hair.  Her Mother
was Mary Louise CRONK, granddaughter of Hiram CRONK, he the last surviving
veteran of the War of 1812.

Erwin G. Poile had graduated from Rome Business School, but wanted the country life.  He moved to Stanwix Heights outside Rome around 1906 and bought some farmland.  He then built the barn, outbuildings, and house, which still stand today.  He said there were still Indians roaming the area back then.  His father was William Henry Poile who was an office manager, and his Grandfather William Poile was the toll gatekeeper on the Westmoreland Road.

On the other hand my Mom’s Mother, Mary, was a granddaughter of Hiram Cronk of Ava, he was the last surviving Veteran of the War of 1812.  Hiram died around 1904 and was given a military funeral and buried in Brooklyn.

Albert Leroy & Laura POILE COLE holding brother Glen and I in Camden, Circa 1945

Albert and Laura settled in Camden.  They had three children born to them at Rome.  The eldest was Glen who was born in 1941, the second was I (David) in 1943, and thirdly Karen in 1944.  In about 1945 the Folks decided to relocate to Central Fla. in a small lakeside town. 

We were soon joined by a new arrival, my sister Carol Marie in 1949, and then the youngest Laurene Kay Cole in 1954. 

Glen worked for Montgomery Ward as an interior decorator, but eventually became an electrician.  He became a commercial and residential electrical contractor.  He married Lorena Haslam, and they had one son, KevinKevin married Cindy and they provided a granddaughter named Candace Marie.  They are living in Fla. and still in the electrical business.

Albert Leroy & Laura POILE COLE 
holding brother Glen and I in Camden, c 1945.

I went in the other direction, Fla.  I became involved in marine construction, and learned to operate heavy equipment.  I also began what was to be a maritime career on the rivers, bays, Mississippi Sound, and near coastal Gulf of Mexico on tugboats.  I have worked on four boats, two were tugboats and two were small towboats.  I served as Master on two of them.  I married in 1964, and my wife, Susan and I settled down here in Florida.  Our eldest son is Jonathan.  He finished school and was working as a carpenter when he married Ashley.  They have Tyler and Chandler ReneeJonathan is currently a Building Inspector in Fla.

Our second child was Daniel.  Following school he worked in carpentry also, but due to an eye injury he was told to retrain to another trade for the sake of his eye.  It had been pierced by a ricocheting 12-penny common nail while framing a roof.  He married Alicia, and then in time, established his own business as a residential and commercial electrical contractor in Fla. 

Our youngest is Je’Neane, who after finishing school began a career working in a medical clinic in.  She is not married yet.

Now, let me digress a bit.  While in Florida my Dad had spent many years in the construction and management of commercial sand mines around Central Fla.  He located several sand deposits as well during his career.  Down in that area of Fla., sand for construction, glass, etc., is nearly always dredged by a barge mounted water pump floating in a body of water.  He was overseeing around six or seven sand plants located around Central Fla. when he suffered a complete coronary and died in 1969.

Following his death, Mom and my sisters decided they needed to start anew somewhere else.  Karen married and she and her husband do income tax work.  They also operate a pool cleaning business together.  They don’t have any children.

Sister, Carol married and crossed over from being a legal sect. to a computer consultant and trainer for the Justice system in Mississippi.  Her husband is a bank officer there.  They don’t  plan on children.

Sister Laurene, married a man with a roofing business.  They had three children, Michelle, Daniel, and Jeremy.  Michelle is married with one son named Ty, and pursuing a nursing career.  Daniel is married and has two infant daughters.  He is working in the roofing business also.  Jeremy is still in school.

8 Edward and Alice’s eighth child was Mae Cole, who was born in 1917.  She graduated from Camden High School.  In 1951 she married John Winker in Camden.  He was born in 1915 in Oneida.  He was one of the sons of John Batiste Winker and Dora Rettig Winker.  They had one daughter, named Patricia, who married and took up a teaching career.  Her husband is an electrician.  Both are EMTs as well.  John is a skilled meat cutter by trade and worked many years at various A & P Stores for the Company.  Mae worked in food service in the NY school system.

Patricia and her husband, Ben have two children, namely John and Michelle. 

9 Edward and Alice’s ninth child, was Kenneth L. Cole, who was born in Camden on August 24, 1921.  After returning from WW II he relocated elsewhere and contact has been lost with him.

This completes the family line of Thomas Gooding Cole Jr. by his first wife Tina Cooper Cole.

Thomas Gooding COLE Jr. and his wife Ida Alice Forward COLE, about 1920

Following the death of his wife Tina, Thomas next married Ida Alice        Forward at Blossvale on July 21, 1883.  She was the daughter of William E. and Patience Halstead Forward and born in Blossvale on September 11, 1859. Many of her prominent English family lines figured into the settling and growth of the area of Oneida County and Oswego County around Cleveland. 

She is descended from Thomas Angell, b. Liverpool, England 1618 who emigrated to Providence, Rhode Island.  The sixth generation was evidenced by Emma Angell, b. 1786 in Providence, RI, who out lived her first husband (in Gorham).  She then married the Rev. Samuel Bloss Jr. of Wrentham, Mass. in 1810.  Samuel Bloss Sr. was a minuteman in Conn. during the Revolutionary War, and later received a pension.  Rev. Bloss and his wife Emma, both died in North Bay, she in 1845, and he in 1850. 

Through her second family line Ida Alice Forward descended from William White and wife Susanne Fuller White who came over on the Mayflower in 1620 from England.
Thomas Gooding COLE Jr. and his wife Ida Alice Forward COLEProbably taken around 1920.


Ida Alice FORWARD COLE, Lois COLE, and son Thomas Cole DeRochieIda FORWARD COLE was born in Blossvale Sept.11, 1859.  Homer, was born at McConnellsville Sept. 9, 1887, Lois Irene COLE, was born April 26, 1900, Adolphus DeRochie, was born at Ft. Covington, NY on April 25, 1888, and Thomas Cole DeRochie was born in Annsville, NY June 17, 1925.


Ida Alice FORWARD COLE, Lois COLE, and son Thomas Cole DeRochie.
This is Alice BROWN COLE, the daughter of Wm. E. & Julia Morse Brown, and wife of Edward COLE, and with her is believed to be her mother, Julia Morse BROWN

The ninth generation brings us down to John B. Halstead whose folks emigrated from England to North Bay in 1740.  He was born in Blossvale in 1815.  On Sept. 4, 1836 he and Emma Bloss were married at North Bay,  NY. 

If I am correct, he originally owned the sawmill operated by Thomas Gooding Cole in Cleveland.  One of the Halsteads also owned a hardwood sawmill that was sold to the Harden Furniture Company of McConnellsville. 

John and Emma Bloss Halstead had a daughter named Patience who was born Oct. 12, 1838 in North Bay.  She married William Forward in Sept. of 1858 at North Bay. William’s folks had emigrated from Ticehurst, England in 1830 to Blossvale.  He was born Sept. 28, 1834 in Blossvale.

The marriage of William E. Forward and Patience Halstead Forward produced several children.  Some of these names may well be recognized as from around the area.

Ida Alice Forward was the second wife of my Great Grandfather Thomas Gooding Cole Jr.
Nellie Forward married a man by the name of Sanford.

Thomas Henry Forward married Grace Belle Carnrite at McConnellsville Mar. 8, 1889.  They had two daughters, namely Matilda Patience Forward who married Harry Adelbert Klock on Mar. 3, 1908, and Emma Marguerite Forward who married a man with the surname of Fish (village of Mexico maybe?).  They had a daughter named Marian, who married a man by the name of Fox, and a son, by the name of Frederick.

Mary Forward married a man from the Bloss family and had two daughters, one named Edith, and the other was named Esther.

 Now back to the second family of Thomas Gooding Cole Jr. and wife Ida Alice Forward. 

 Thomas and Ida were married at Blossvale, NY on July 21, 1883, and had a total of three children.

1 Their first child was a daughter that they named Nellie Mae Cole who was born in McConnellsville in 1886.  She married Joseph Franklin Putnam in Rome.  He had been born in Terre Haute, Ind.  They made their home in Berkeley, California except for a time that they were in China.  Joseph taught physics at St. John’s University there for a while.  He also taught at  Berkley University in California.  He also worked for a number of years as a problem solver for the Standard Oil Co. of California.  He and an associate designed and build a model of an oil refinery, which was displayed at the World Fair in San Francisco.  It is on permanent display at Berkeley University now.

Joseph F. Putnam and wife Mae Cole Putnam.  Standing in a coat is, Thomas Cole Derochie, in uniform, is Joseph Cole Putnam.  Taken circa 1939.  J. F. Putnam taught at Berkeley University.

Joseph Cole Putnam and wife Virginia Perry Putnam Joseph and Nellie adopted a son, whom they named Joseph Cole Putnam.  He was born May 9, 1920 in New York.  He married Virginia Perry, and they had three children.  Joseph died July 28, 1974, of a heart attack.
Joseph Cole Putnam  and wife Virginia Perry Putnam holding their youngest circa 1959.

Homer FORWARD COLE, Lois's brother.
Homer FORWARD COLE, Lois's brother


2 Thomas and Ida’s second child, was Homer Forward Cole.  He was born on September 9, 1887 at McConnellsville.  During WW II he achieved the rank of Captain and C.O. of Company A, of the 108th infantry.

Following the war he took a position as treasurer, in a company specializing in automobile ignition products.  He married a woman named Phoebe Ann Root, born April 26, 1889.

They had three sons, namely Thomas Cole, who was born July 28, 1914, Robert Earnest Cole who was born June 7, 1916, and Richard Cole who was born in 1928.

Thomas enlisted on October 6, 1940 as a specialist in wire and radio communications.   He served with the 209th Coast Artillery, and achieved the rank of Master Sergeant.

In 1942 he married Isabelle, and they began their family.

Their first child was a son, they named Thomas.  He married Marie in 1978, and they had a son and daughter.

Their second child was, Barbara.  She married Terrence Gardner, and they had a son and daughter.

Their third child was, Marilyn.  She married Jeffrey Hardesty.  They had two sons.

Their fourth child was a son, called Donald.  He married Susan Smith, but they haven’t started a family as yet.

Now, back to Homer and Phoebe’s son, Robert.  He flew bombers during WW II, and after being shot down spent  months in a German POW camp.  In 1944, he married a woman named Ruth Abel

They had a son named Bobby, who married a woman named Marlene.  They have not started a family yet either.

Their second son was Michael, who married a woman named Gerry.  They had three children.

Their first child was named Clayton who is pursuing a teaching career.  The second is Zachary who departed the Navy a couple of years ago.  Their third son, was Jacob who hadn’t decided on a career.

In the interim, Ruth and Robert were divorced, and she has passed away.  Robert passed away in 1998.

Finally, Homer and Phoebe’s son, Richard who was born in 1928;  He married Joan Lemy, and they started their family.

Their first child was a son, named James.  He married a girl he had met overseas in the U.S. Foreign Service.

Their second child was a daughter, named Marsha.  She married David Stoezel.  They had a set of twin sons, for which we have neither names, nor dates.

Richard and Joan’s third child was named Elizabeth.  She married Raymond Viola.  They had three children, but we don’t have any further information on them.

                            Levi and Mary Dupuis DeRochie

Levi and Mary Dupuis DeRochie3 Homer and Phoebe’s third child was Lois Irene Cole, who was born on April 26, 1900.  She married Adolphus J. DeRochie in 1918.  Adolphus was born in Ft. Covington, NY, and the son of Levi and Mary Dupuis (or Dupra, Dupree) DeRochie.  His mother was born there, but his father was born in Cornwall, Ont., and a blacksmith by trade.  They had a large family, and their daughter, Fabiola married Frank Emhof, and their daughter Veronica married Adolph Emhof. Adolphus taught math at the school in Brasher Falls, then Camden, and finally went back to Brasher Falls.  They had two children, photo below.

Their first child was a daughter named Mary Alice Derochie, who was born July 7, 1920 at McConnellsville.  She contracted TB, and died on June 8, 1932 just short of being 12 years old.

Their second child was Thomas Cole Derochie who was born June 17th, 1925. 

In the mean time, Thomas Gooding Cole Jr. died in McConnellsville on Feb. 13, 1927 and was buried in Camden among family. 

Lois COLE was the dau. of Thomas Gooding COLE jr. by his second wife Ida Alice FORWARD COLE.
This is her husband Adolphus J. DeRochie. He was born in Brasher Falls, NY. He taught high school math Camden, Oneida Co., NY. 
Lois Irene Cole and husband Adolphus J. DeRochie

The graduating class of 1918 at Camden High School.
The graduating class of 1918 at Camden High School.

Maybe the list can identify some of them.  The young lady holding the point of the pennant is my half grand aunt, Lois COLE, dau. of Thos. G. COLE Jr.'s 2nd wife Ida Alice FORWARD COLE.  She later married Adolphus J. DEROCHIE (above photo) who came to teach math at the school in Camden.

Thomas Cole DeRochie’s Mother Lois also died of TB in Camden on August 17, 1929.

Following her death, and his retirement from teaching, Adolphus moved back to Brasher Falls in St. Lawrence County, to open a grocery & variety store.  He died of a heart attack on October 10, 1940 at home.

            Tom Cole Derochie and wife Betty -

Tom Cole Derochie and wife Betty aboard carrier Nimitz in 1992.His son, Thomas, then moved to live with his aunt Nellie and Uncle Joseph Putnam.  In 1943, he enlisted in the Navy.  He served on the USS Wasp for a while, mostly in the Pacific, and served again in the Korean War.

On May 9, 1947 he married Marilyn.  They had two daughters.

Their first child was Gloria Jean Derochie.  She married Darrell Johnson, and they had a son and a daughter.

Their second child was Barbara Derochie.  She married Laurie Stephenson in 1975.  I don’t have any further information on them.

Thomas had made a career of the wholesale grocery business until a heart attack forced his retirement.  He and Marilyn were divorced, and he later married Betty.

Nellie Mae Cole PUTNAM This photo is Nellie Mae Cole PUTNAM, my half grand aunt that began our family trees many yrs ago.  She died in 1974, leaving much to do on them, but I would have been hard pressed to have started all of that from scratch.  She is on the stern of the British liner Acadia, I think it was, but appropriate.  She was born in McConnellsville, Oneida Co., NY. about 1886.  She was in my great grandfather Thomas Gooding Cole Jr.'s second family.

From the Author

 My name is David L. Cole.  I was born in Rome, Oneida County, NY in 1943.  My folks lived in Camden on 4th St. for a time, before relocating to central Fla.  My father was Albert Leroy Cole, who worked at the Camden Wire works back in those days.  He married Laura Marie Poile, daughter of Erwin George and Mary Louise Cronk Poile of Stanwix Heights, just outside of Rome.  I live in the Fla. now, where I raised my family.  I am Master of the State owned towboat Mariner, and direct the oyster reef enhancement and construction program in Florida.  I push barges of shells around the coastal waters of the West coast of Fla.  We spread shells to enhance natural growth of oysters in the coastal waters of Florida, for both public and commercial harvesting.


These are two different shots of the Mariner.  The boat is 40'L X 15' wide, and 6' deep.  This smaller of our two barges is 100'L X 26'W, and
6.5' deep.  That is oyster shells loaded on it, with which we build new oyster reefs (bars) in Fla. waters.  This barge carries approx. 450 cu. yds. of shells per trip.


 I have been working on my family lines for about eight years now.  I was fortunate to have a head start on some of these lines.  This was done by my half grand Aunt Nellie Cole Putnam, who was the eldest of Thomas Gooding Cole Jr.’s family by his second wife Ida Alice Forward.

When I visited Cleveland and the surrounding area in 1995, I was all a tingle with anticipation and excitement over visiting the place where our family made its start in this Country so many years ago.  It won’t be my last visit either, because not only does it hold a lot of family history, but like Ester Cottet, we have many more “cousins” up there to meet.

 If there are any “cousins” around, no matter of what Family line, I would very much like to hear from you.  If you are related to any of the family lines mentioned, and you see what you feel is in error, please let me know so we can correct it.

 Although I provided the materials for this “family sketch”, much effort was put into it by Laura Perkins to arrange it for display on the Oswego County Genealogy Website.  I personally thank her very sincerely, because without her help much would be lacking in this presentation. 

November 20, 2000

David L. Cole at: <>

Credits:  Photographs and Information

I wish to thank all who provided material for this project.  If details of any of the 
extended Cole family and attendant lines seems scant, it is only to protect the 
privacy of those still living. 
Regards, David


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