West Bloomfield Pioneer Cemetery

West Bloomfield , NY

Pictures of Headstones

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Almira Aldrich

Jinny Aldrich

David Allen

Margaret Arnold

William Arnold

Joseph Ball

Lucretia Ball

Carol Bancroft

David & Phoebe Bancroft

Clarissa Beckwith

Mary Beckwith

Nathaniel Beckwith

Watts Beckwith

Edonijah Beebe

Belote plot

Christopher Belote

Anna Bennett

Lucian Blake

Permelia Blake

Cecil Brown

Father & Mother Brown

Jemima Brown

Mungo Buglass

Nancy Buglass

D. L. Burlingame

Maria Burlingame

Hannah Burnham

Bushnell fam 

Bushnell fam plot

Bushnell plot backside

Bushnell 2nd fam plot

Clarissa Bushnell

Emeline A. Bushnell

Emeline P. Bushnell

unsure Emeline P. Bushnell 

Esther Bushnell

Harvey & Emeline . Bushnell

Norman Bushnell

Lucille Cady

Canfield plot

Comfort C. Canfield

George Canfield

Lucretia Canfield

Lucretia Canfield

Phebe L. Canfield

Sarah Canfield

Titus Canfield

Charles & Chloe J. (Taft) Case

Phebe Chadwick

David Chapin

Anna Clark

Fred Clark

Gurdon Clark Jr.

Harriet E. Clark

Joseph F. Clark

Joseph S. & Nancy Clark

Julia A. Clark

Lizzie A. Clark

Mahetable Clark

Martha Clark

Matthew D. Clark

Nathaniel Clark

Oliver Clark

Oliver Clark backside

Lucy Cleveland

Lorenzo Cone

Elizabeth A. Cottrell

Esther Cottrell

John Cottrell

Ebenezer Crane

Jehial Crigger

unk972 Curtis(s)

Julius Curtis

Susan Curtiss

Gad Daniels

Ed Davidson

Jemmima Decker (on Rob & Rhoda Taft monu)

Carol Dickson


John Dickson

Mary Dickson

Susan Dickson

Esther Dixon

Rachel Dixon

Martha Dobbin

Lucretia Ellis

Ann Fitch

Ebenezer Fitch

Elisha Fitch

Isabella Fitch

Lodowick Fitch

Margaret Fitch

Abraham Flint

Andrew  & Sarah Flint

Hannah Gardner

Peregrine Gardner

Peregrine Gardner

Wealthy Gardner

Dad & Mom Geddess

Gerry fam plot

Gerry fam plot 2

Backus Gerry

Minerva Gerry

Minerva & Orra Gerry

Orra Gerry

Wallie Gerry back

Wallie Gerry front

wife of Glenn 1121H

Esther Godfrey

William Good or Gooding

Martha Gould

Emely Gregory

Jehial Grigger

Betsey P. Hall

Carol Hall

Elvira C. Hall

Hiland Hall

Isaac Hall

Joanna Hall

Julius P. Hall

Martin  C.& Julia Ann (Clark) Hall

unk Hall 1062

M. P. Hamilton

Miranda P. Hamilton 

Ebenezer Hamilin

Horace Hamlin

Sophia Hamlin

Samuel Handy

Samuel Handy

Sarah Handy

Truman Hard

Barton Haws

Silas Haws

Lusena Hayes

John Hays

John 2 Hays

unk Hays 

Hendee fam plot

Ariel Hendee

Charles Hendee

Lydia H. Hendee

Mary Hendee

William Hendee

Cleora Herrick

Eunice Hill

Lewis Hodges

Sarah Hodges

Sarah 2 Hodges

William Hodgkins

Anna Hogan

Benoni Hogan

Howard Hubbard

Louis E., Anna L., Adeline B. & Jane Ann Humphrey

William, Jane & Ida Humphrey


Flavel S. & Emily J. Hunt

Ralph & Joanna Hunt

Sarah Hunt

Al Hutchinson

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